Beyond words


if a man should love the world
and lose his own soul
then i am a lost case…

for i am in love with the grass
on my bare feet,
the stately trees around,
the sea reflecting beauty of the sky,
and the warm sun hugging my body

and i thank God i’m a woman!


Dead Letters

I wrote a letter once
for a friend who is hurting;
Twice, to a brother departed;
And even more times
for strangers disheartened.

I laced beautiful words
in comforting tones
beneath stoic guises,
To that unfeeling paper
of impoverished depth…
Lost in impoverished depth.

Gently, I wrapped them,
white against my cold hands;
neat packages of love—
These letters.
They always ended with:
Repondez s’il vous plait.

And yet I never sent them.

A prayer

I pray for my thought
may it be of good;
however wrought
in solitude.

I pray for my words
to speak of grace —
encouraging words
and not disgrace.

I pray for my actions
to better my verbs;
driven by passions,
devoid of blurbs.