Beyond words


if a man should love the world
and lose his own soul
then i am a lost case…

for i am in love with the grass
on my bare feet,
the stately trees around,
the sea reflecting beauty of the sky,
and the warm sun hugging my body

and i thank God i’m a woman!

The Lost Queen

Who is this woman, crowned in green?
Crying blue, tears unseen…
I want to hug her on her throne
~desolute and worn.

You cannot judge her with her smile
Seductive, beguiling for a while
But when you linger, you’ll see
She’s just as damaged as you and me.

Who is this woman, catching eyes
Painting her bland life with sweet lies
She woes the angels with her songs
Looking for a place where she belongs

If you meet her, please bring her home
If you know her, kindly remind her,
for she doesn’t know who she is.