i wish i could love
the way you loved her
— strong and soft,
wild and tamed

a complex kind of love
and yet so simple…

you fell for her
like a drop of water
to a silken summer sea,
leaving ~ vibrations all around

Testing the Waters

i found myself staring at the sea
astonished at the way it reflects me
how restless it is as it travels to bay
and yet sublime in its stillness in may

i’ve coasted far and longer shores
to catch the breeze and hear its lores
the depth of the waters reaching out
trying to wash away all forms of doubt

i neared with thoughts of no turning back
as my poor self cries for a sense of lack
alas!, another part of me shouts retreat
fearing the mystery, in my worldly conceit

the days here are but grains of sand
stretched by time; end not known to land
testing the waters before i lay to rest
ere the sun makes its way to the west

* * *

acrostic poem of a fisherwoman

Morning, she sets out to the sea–
A place where one solemn prayer
Rings out to the waves, to the sun…
Interminable ripples of good dreams,
Engraved among the pebbles on her toes.

Just another woman among five fishers,
Odd-pinnate leaf in a garden of wildness.

Zanies once crossed her fishing tackle,
And the spirit was high on the waters;
Mad laughter of a grateful company
Breaking any and all surface tensions.

Rocks and mountains, she’s halfway
As fate addled quest blows her away
Nigh and nigh, the tired drifter,
Oblivious yet advertently, ready for the waters.

On her knees, digging for wiggly baits,
Singing along with the songs of the outdoors
Old soul, and wiser through the years.

Restlessly at peace, running on sand…
In trance with the calling wind of home,
Of the sea…home at last!

*to Captain Badj H. ( May 19, 2015 )