I carry a universe in my body

I carry a universe in my body…
The waves of my hair remind me of the sea–
wild and untamed.
The color of my skin is the color of soil
And my legs and arms are branches
yielding fruits of labor
from where I’ve been
to the lives I’ve hopefully touched.

I carry a universe in my body…
hidden beneath insecurities
and suppressed by lies of the world
saying “your hair should be straight
to be beautiful,
your skin should be white
and your arms and legs should be
a certain length”

But no! I carry a universe in my body!
My hair can be wavy and still be beautiful
My skin brown and just as praiseworthy
as the white-skinned
and my arms and legs maybe short
but they’re just as gorgeous!

I carry a universe in my body
I’ll go on again and again
to remind myself that,
just as I am, I am lovely!



I’ve got tattoos painted by the needles of experience;

some slowly fade away to become part of the vast universe of my skin…

and sometimes, I look at my body and wonder

how many lives have you lived

to arrive to this?—

this strong woman still standing

after the hurricane.