Silhouette people

As I go towards the sleeping state,
mental images of silhouette people
float in my head as they dance
and jump
and fly in a place
where they are completely
under the ruling of my mind.

I sleep for hours in a day,
chasing these silhouette people
Trying to catch a glimpse of faces

But they remain faceless.

And I think to myself,
what if we are just a dream
of a God in slumber?
Co-existing in a wild cosmos
of undulated dream waves,
Waiting for the waking hour
An hour of death.

how to earn your soul

The first step is the hardest,

acknowledge you don’t have one.

And the next is to unravel~

dive deeper in the waters.

Third, is to connect—

time is the only barrier.

Fourth, shout out your pleas

to the sky, and down below.

Fifth, transform your cries

into music;

And finally, the sixth…

share it to the world!

* * *