My ABC’s

A — another mile. I must go on
B — better me, I can try to be
C — cat got my tongue. And so I write
D — devil may care. Young at heart
E — embellishments — a poet’s sin
F — forestalling, my life as an interlude
G — God be with me, to eternity…
H — happy, a fleeting butterfly
I — ink, that spills and spills and spills
J — jar of Sylvia. I try to lift every day
K — knots…on my shoes, in my stomach
L — love. The journey I dared not take
M — melancholy — my melody, my malady
N — note. Of thoughts and memories
O — oath — To not self loathe
P — pain, my terror teacher
Q — questions, endless questions
R — ripple…little ripples, to waves
S — smile, all will be well
T — turn the page, move on…
U — unique, the color of your soul
V — vulnerable, the girl inside
W — water leaking: drops of tears
X — xanthic flowers, all around you
Y — yesterday, favorite hangout
Z — zone out…to the clouds!


I borrowed the pen of Pablo Neruda…

I borrowed the pen of Pablo Neruda,
and painted life in green
in trains of thoughts unseen.

I succumbed to the pain of Sylvia,
to understand the puzzle of despair;
stand grateful to Love beyond compare.

I tried to walk in the woods of Frost,
a tread in paths that are still unknown
to reap the seeds yet to be sown.

I sought the solace of Dickinson,
ethereal joy ‘midst the solitude–
whose silence was a face of rectitude.

I read them works–Longfellow’s, Whitman’s, Poe’s
and vowed, to be a drop of poetry in a world of prose.

* * *