I fancy the images of the sea

as it reflects the skies

just like mirrors

this vast body of water

shows the big blue dome

and glitters when touched

by the King sun

like my soul

when I felt His love

Oh, how it shined!

Where the sun goes…

Off to the mountains, Another side of the world is lit. Down here, the darkness engulfs us, stirring inky thoughts to my coffee addled mind.

If I can just follow the sun in the mud trails up there, and cleanse my soul with its light…

maybe I will hear the songs of the Earth again.

* * *

if i were a soul…

if i were a soul,

i would mash all my troubles,

break away, and fly free!..

to where your love awaits.



if i were a soul,

i would journey through the moon,

beyond where our dreams are

coveted by the fallen stars.



if i were a soul,

i would watch where the sun goes

when her light leaves for the night

and console her woes of the day.



if i were a soul,

i would follow the wind

soar high up yonder..

reaching for heaven.


* * *