Beyond words


if a man should love the world
and lose his own soul
then i am a lost case…

for i am in love with the grass
on my bare feet,
the stately trees around,
the sea reflecting beauty of the sky,
and the warm sun hugging my body

and i thank God i’m a woman!

if i were a soul…

if i were a soul,

i would mash all my troubles,

break away, and fly free!..

to where your love awaits.



if i were a soul,

i would journey through the moon,

beyond where our dreams are

coveted by the fallen stars.



if i were a soul,

i would watch where the sun goes

when her light leaves for the night

and console her woes of the day.



if i were a soul,

i would follow the wind

soar high up yonder..

reaching for heaven.


* * *