The lone wolf and the moon

On the rugged cliffs of the island,
a lonely wolf
looks down to the shore below–
shining and dazzling, kissed
by the moonbeams.

The wolf scanned the vastness
of the sea, then lifts its head
up to the moon…
to cry a song
to that beautiful moon.

But no voice came out,
for it has lost its voice–
Drowned in battles fought in the days
when the beat of the kill
was loud in the world of beasts.

The moon in her yellow splendor
saw the sorrowful state of the wolf;
‘Tis the same creature
that sings tales to me,
speaks to me
–thought the moon.

That night, it was she who howled
for the wolf.

the morning hum

(Poem #2 of series)

Arise, my love, make haste
The gates are open, come!
Let’s go and chase the sun

Arise, my belle de jour
Quell this riot in my heart
Let me hear your voice

Arise, and raise your wall
Undo this shackles of despair
Step out to the light…

* * *

( My beloved spoke and said to me,
“Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, come with me.”
                 – Song of Songs 2:10 )