like a lost poem, i
write and rewrite life
only to find lies

hidden ‘neath sublime minds
creeping to catch the child
i try to keep inside

this beautiful child
blameless and yet,
caged in a cursed body

Another note to wall

Another chain list on your wall;
the world to self, another call.
But you loathe opening up, for fear
of ideals to be mocked, them jeer.

But for dear friends, you try to jive
in a social jungle, trying to survive;
And then you ask the need of it–
out there, is it really worth it?

The other side of you dare bends,
dancing in their tune and blends…
finding colors reaching out to you
painting a bland life, hue to hue.

Yet there are letdowns in the trying
for not all music are worth dancing;
some–those not that good for the soul,
ends as just another note on your wall.

A Picture

People stared
at the lonely girl
who sat silently,
still as a tree
on a windless day.

People glared
at the unmoving nomad
who gave nothing, save one–
a song from his guitar string
and a happy grin.

People laughed
at the wreckless dreamer
who builds castles on filthy air,
painting colors out of the grays
with eyes lost in a haze.

In a fast-paced world…
in a world of motion pictures,
stands an old photograph.

* * *