I fancy the images of the sea

as it reflects the skies

just like mirrors

this vast body of water

shows the big blue dome

and glitters when touched

by the King sun

like my soul

when I felt His love

Oh, how it shined!

Silhouettes of the sky

IMG_20170701_182736We’re not perfect, you and i…
All but silhouettes of the same sky
But we can reach for the light
If we don’t give up and hold tight

No path is easy, my brother
Pain is the only way of surrender
Broken, the more we let the ray in
I can even hear God himself prayin’

Forgiveness for clouding the sun
And apology for trying to run
When all the sky wants to offer
Are treasures in royal coffer

The day we meet the bridegroom
Is the time for our colors to bloom
No matter how dark you are today
Look up and bathe in a little ray!

*  *  *

Flight 5J 571

I stared closer to the blinking lights,
by the window of a winged steel;
White blink, white light,
and a red tail.

The world below—
my viewing platform
where once I, a child, dreamed
to be up here.

I imagine that child with eyes
full of wonder, looking
higher up the clouds,
to the stars

Every night, gazing skyward
where adorable sights…
of stars falling,
stars crossing,
stars staying in place.

And a rare blinking star
taking people to places
they have never been.

Carried now by this star,
from places I have been—
my first tenth flight.

* * *

Mountain View

DSC_0421The city is vibrant with dancing lights
but there’s only one light I’d like to see;
I’m patiently waiting for the sunrise–
dawn of another chapter of my life.

I traveled far, confused and frightened
as page after page of my book unfolds,
a country lass trying to be strong;
the road was long all way up here.

Dark, cold, cloudy midnight sky,
greets me with a disapproving eye;
still, I look beyond that portrait hung
to reach the Painter’s loving hand.

I’m here waiting for the sunrise,
ready to kiss that first light.

* January 15, 2015 *