June frogs

A loud croaking chorus
this first night of June;
Forecasting rains to come,
after blissful days of sun.

Summer is over and done,
rainy days must wash us now.
Them parched frogs happily
splash and sing their glee.

I hear them from their puddles
Some serenading muggles;
And unbeknownst to the latter,
they’re the subject of the clatter.

* * *


First Dawn of December

I want to remember
this first dawn of December
sprawled out on a thick white blanket
with pine tree prints, edged with scarlet.

Looking out to the sky up yonder,
gazing, marveling at the stars of wonder;
catching a dazzling glimpse of that lost meteor,
descending right by the great Big Dipper!

Feeling that first chill of Christmas season,
that made my head blew out of reason!
Smiling myself beyond contentment,
for this intimate rarity of a moment.

Now as I close this rite to prayer,
I ask God that I always remember…
and cherish this splendid first dawn of December.

*      *      *