To the iron gates…

(Poem #3 of series)

Clammy hands,
Hearts on fire,
Bodies entwined
(the first embrace)

Our eyes were shut
To the world
As I whisper my gratitude
to the heavens,
And she, her vows
(the morning grace)

As our bodies parted,
The wind blew~
in chorus with the fluttering
Of wings yet to be tried.

The iron gates, already open
Metals creaked
This, and the sound of our feet
(as we leave this place)

Running is a flight to oblivion.

* * *

2017 highlight: a series of love poems

Poem #1: – untitled –

Sleep, tonight, escaped her
Silly thoughts left in chase
and yet another losing race–
a marathon of stragglers!

Teeming garden of anxiety,
nay, a budding of thorns
orbit my heart once more.
Oh, the agony of the wait!

‘Tis the burden of a promise
that anchored in our soul;
When the night is over,
Together, we’ll be whole.

Just a little more time,
soon the light will come;
If she hears my morning hum
into the day we’ll run…

* * *