Where the sun goes…

Off to the mountains, Another side of the world is lit. Down here, the darkness engulfs us, stirring inky thoughts to my coffee addled mind.

If I can just follow the sun in the mud trails up there, and cleanse my soul with its light…

maybe I will hear the songs of the Earth again.

* * *

Mountain View

DSC_0421The city is vibrant with dancing lights
but there’s only one light I’d like to see;
I’m patiently waiting for the sunrise–
dawn of another chapter of my life.

I traveled far, confused and frightened
as page after page of my book unfolds,
a country lass trying to be strong;
the road was long all way up here.

Dark, cold, cloudy midnight sky,
greets me with a disapproving eye;
still, I look beyond that portrait hung
to reach the Painter’s loving hand.

I’m here waiting for the sunrise,
ready to kiss that first light.

* January 15, 2015 *