The little bits you take from me—

You asked for a piece of my mind, then my head gears ran nonstop.

You pleaded me to lend you a hand, and I reached out all the way.

You beseeched for my heart, now I can’t make the beating stop.

Spare my soul, s’il vous plaît!…I might give in right away.



Insanity touched my mind once,
led me to my darkest thoughts
over the borders of reality;
vagabond to the surreal, I
embattled self versus self.

Courage lost along the way,
open heart clammed up—
fared my soul, feared my soul!
forgotten nigh and nigh…this
effervescent person ‘neath
eccentric insouciance (a sham)

mirrors of my fancy drifted
on the shores of my reality,
reasoning with my pride…then
exposing my naked being;

trip to delusions were escapes,
hanging and deceptive threads;
a feel of hope, when mad is real
never alone in the world again.

Madness was a taste of bliss!
elusive truth and a passing wit;
nonetheless, I, pine for sad sanity
once more.

*  *  *