graveyard by the sea

The town bursts of smiles
this sun flooded afternoon
as I walk down the shore,
chasing distant memories.

A reef is taking shape under,
with the drift of surface waters~
Swayed by the wind, the waves
spill an unfathomable wonder

When the sky meets the sea
on that perfect horizon,
I long for my lover…
may my love reach thee.

Bottles used to do the work
yet the tide cannot be tamed;

I will wait ’til the tide is low,
And I’ll bury my thoughts
in the sands, by the rock
Where we used to sit on.


reverse travel

if i could travel back in time

i’d go, not to when i met you

but to my almost moments—

when i almost told you i like you,

but didn’t, when i almost talked 

to you under the million stars 

on a camp, when i almost dared

speak to you for more than five 

minutes, when i almost said “hi”,

swimming on a cold spring, choked

by my timidity…the list goes on…

and may be then, i will tell you

“i like you”, i could’ve talked with 

you under the million stars on 

a camping, dared speak with you 

for an hour, maybe more,

and said “hi” and splashed water

with you in the cold spring..

all these could have been 

our memories together;

but they remain ‘almost’.