the morning hum

(Poem #2 of series)

Arise, my love, make haste
The gates are open, come!
Let’s go and chase the sun

Arise, my belle de jour
Quell this riot in my heart
Let me hear your voice

Arise, and raise your wall
Undo this shackles of despair
Step out to the light…

* * *

( My beloved spoke and said to me,
“Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, come with me.”
                 – Song of Songs 2:10 )

2017 highlight: a series of love poems

Poem #1: – untitled –

Sleep, tonight, escaped her
Silly thoughts left in chase
and yet another losing race–
a marathon of stragglers!

Teeming garden of anxiety,
nay, a budding of thorns
orbit my heart once more.
Oh, the agony of the wait!

‘Tis the burden of a promise
that anchored in our soul;
When the night is over,
Together, we’ll be whole.

Just a little more time,
soon the light will come;
If she hears my morning hum
into the day we’ll run…

* * *

graveyard by the sea

The town bursts of smiles
this sun flooded afternoon
as I walk down the shore,
chasing distant memories.

A reef is taking shape under,
with the drift of surface waters~
Swayed by the wind, the waves
spill an unfathomable wonder

When the sky meets the sea
on that perfect horizon,
I long for my lover…
may my love reach thee.

Bottles used to do the work
yet the tide cannot be tamed;

I will wait ’til the tide is low,
And I’ll bury my thoughts
in the sands, by the rock
Where we used to sit on.

Three Things

Tamper with my pride
Invade my solitary life
Choke me to the death
Hasten my end, if you will

Expose my malevolence
Knit my loop of doom
Delude me in your snares
Rend my heart ’til numbed

Torment me as you wish
In good fate, I will endure
Just do not take away from me:
My faith, my hope, and love.

* * *