Flight 5J 571

I stared closer to the blinking lights,
by the window of a winged steel;
White blink, white light,
and a red tail.

The world below—
my viewing platform
where once I, a child, dreamed
to be up here.

I imagine that child with eyes
full of wonder, looking
higher up the clouds,
to the stars

Every night, gazing skyward
where adorable sights…
of stars falling,
stars crossing,
stars staying in place.

And a rare blinking star
taking people to places
they have never been.

Carried now by this star,
from places I have been—
my first tenth flight.

* * *

Child in a Barrel

As I went coasting down the road of life,
I met a child with eyes full of wonder;
Drawing closer, I felt her spirit of adventure,
In her eyes you’ll see a myriad of possibilities.

And yet something is holding her back!
For she’s stuck in a barrel, you see…
She could get out, but she’s afraid to be;
The world she takes wonders in upsets her.

So in her world in the barrel she lingers…
Dreaming; marveling those who pass by her,
And weaving stories out of what she sees;
Creating her own universe of fantasies.

Awe-inspired as I was in this child in her barrel,
Far along I realized that she’s better off out–
The outside world where she can do more things,
To make it as colorful as the world in her barrel.

*for Claud May