like a lost poem, i
write and rewrite life
only to find lies

hidden ‘neath sublime minds
creeping to catch the child
i try to keep inside

this beautiful child
blameless and yet,
caged in a cursed body

What is love?

What is love?
A child heart asked–

is it not in the eyes that see
a ray of hope in all humanity;
or of gentle hearts that beat
for every weary soul that face defeat

What is love?
A curious one wonders–

is it not the touch of kindness
and any act that brings home gladness;
a simple curve of a smile even,
that mends some hearts broken

What is love?
The thinkers ponder–

is it not the quest to understand
the mystery that is out of our hand;
rather than reducing life to definition
expanding, enlightening our vision

IMG_20160925_204028* * *

Child in a Barrel

As I went coasting down the road of life,
I met a child with eyes full of wonder;
Drawing closer, I felt her spirit of adventure,
In her eyes you’ll see a myriad of possibilities.

And yet something is holding her back!
For she’s stuck in a barrel, you see…
She could get out, but she’s afraid to be;
The world she takes wonders in upsets her.

So in her world in the barrel she lingers…
Dreaming; marveling those who pass by her,
And weaving stories out of what she sees;
Creating her own universe of fantasies.

Awe-inspired as I was in this child in her barrel,
Far along I realized that she’s better off out–
The outside world where she can do more things,
To make it as colorful as the world in her barrel.

*for Claud May