Coffee Spill

The first cup of blissful aroma
roused me from my sleepy state,
Oh steamy hot, sex god — coffee —
black and languidly playful on my palate.

The second was ecstasy poured…
right to the thirsty cavity of my cup;
Pulses racing to sweet corruption,
how high can we go but up!

The third and last is of the bitterest bean,
born of Adam and Eve’s subversive seed;
Numbing the flesh awake to sin; when
caffeine bites stronger, as I’m read my creed.

When out of the abundance of the heart,
the mouth speaketh…
Of whose cup can we lay fault to
when the coffee spilleth?


I owe the world a smile


The world has been kind to me,
But that ain’t enough to be free
Sloppy feelings poisoning my blood
This prison cell is soaked in mud!

It’s been a while, it’s been a while;
I owe the world a smile.

Been wearing a frown all day..
Have i chased all love away?
Shoving lies right down my throat
Nothing here to rock my boat

It’s been a while, it’s been a while;
I owe the world a smile.

I see pictures of laughing people;
Wanting to catch their happy ripple
Yet here comes another stronger wave,
One that takes me to a same old cave

It’s been a while, it’s been a while;
I owe the world a smile.

Loneliness has its own accomodation,
And I’m stuck in seductive isolation.
I have got to heed the call outside
For this beating heart’s not made to hide

It’s been a while, it’s been a while;
I owe the world a smile.


Seasons’ greetings

DSC_0130Today’s rain, like the morning dew
that kissed the leaves awake,
Washed me clean
into a new and purer being.

And yesterday, the sun
reached out a warm hand
To endow a blessing
for me, and my beloved land.

*  *  *



Silhouettes of the sky

IMG_20170701_182736We’re not perfect, you and i…
All but silhouettes of the same sky
But we can reach for the light
If we don’t give up and hold tight

No path is easy, my brother
Pain is the only way of surrender
Broken, the more we let the ray in
I can even hear God himself prayin’

Forgiveness for clouding the sun
And apology for trying to run
When all the sky wants to offer
Are treasures in royal coffer

The day we meet the bridegroom
Is the time for our colors to bloom
No matter how dark you are today
Look up and bathe in a little ray!

*  *  *


June frogs

A loud croaking chorus
this first night of June;
Forecasting rains to come,
after blissful days of sun.

Summer is over and done,
rainy days must wash us now.
Them parched frogs happily
splash and sing their glee.

I hear them from their puddles
Some serenading muggles;
And unbeknownst to the latter,
they’re the subject of the clatter.

* * *



Insanity touched my mind once,
led me to my darkest thoughts
over the borders of reality;
vagabond to the surreal, I
embattled self versus self.

Courage lost along the way,
open heart clammed up—
fared my soul, feared my soul!
forgotten nigh and nigh…this
effervescent person ‘neath
eccentric insouciance (a sham)

mirrors of my fancy drifted
on the shores of my reality,
reasoning with my pride…then
exposing my naked being;

trip to delusions were escapes,
hanging and deceptive threads;
a feel of hope, when mad is real
never alone in the world again.

Madness was a taste of bliss!
elusive truth and a passing wit;
nonetheless, I, pine for sad sanity
once more.

*  *  *


Dead Letters

I wrote a letter once
for a friend who is hurting;
Twice, to a brother departed;
And even more times
for strangers disheartened.

I laced beautiful words
in comforting tones
beneath stoic guises,
To that unfeeling paper
of impoverished depth…
Lost in impoverished depth.

Gently, I wrapped them,
white against my cold hands;
neat packages of love—
These letters.
They always ended with:
Repondez s’il vous plait.

And yet I never sent them.