Ink stained

My love for you is ink stained—

green, when i planted thoughts of you

purple, when you were my king

blue, when i thought you were my sky

and black, when i was over you

My love for you is ink stained,

validated by the waiting paper.





i hold a story about us

i hold a story about us
i hold it dear in my heart
although we are far apart

i hold a story about us
i shout it out to blank pages
my pen is always ready

i hold a story about us
but i dared not tell you
all the universe knows but you

i hold a story about us
now ready to become a book
hoping one day you will read

* * *

The lady with sea eyes


I sit in my room anticipating

the day laid out by the sun

Shadows in the corner stops me

But my chains are unlocked now


There’s a lady waiting at the door

Ash pale face looking down

Her dressed feet ready for the taking

“Where to now?”, she asks


Her eyes sparkling blue

reminds me of the sea

and the outside world

where I am meant to be


I stepped towards the door

Held her cold hands

To the unknown shores

where her blue eyes belong

* * *

Tell your poem

Stand on the pulpit that is the earth,
Take off your clothes of shame;
Do not be afraid to step on the dust
For it shall be your resting place.

Look at the weeds teeming with life,
No one has watered nor cared for;
Learn and persevere like them, who
Patiently waits for the sun and rain.

Ponder on the beauty of a flower,
Reflect upon its silence and grandeur;
Do not hasten the changing seasons
All will start to wither after springtime.

Seek for the beginning of everything–
The garden of paradise ruined by the fall;
Then try to look for the tree of life
And there, you tell your poem.