I fancy the images of the sea

as it reflects the skies

just like mirrors

this vast body of water

shows the big blue dome

and glitters when touched

by the King sun

like my soul

when I felt His love

Oh, how it shined!


Silhouette people

As I go towards the sleeping state,
mental images of silhouette people
float in my head as they dance
and jump
and fly in a place
where they are completely
under the ruling of my mind.

I sleep for hours in a day,
chasing these silhouette people
Trying to catch a glimpse of faces

But they remain faceless.

And I think to myself,
what if we are just a dream
of a God in slumber?
Co-existing in a wild cosmos
of undulated dream waves,
Waiting for the waking hour
An hour of death.

The summon

I used to drown the little voice in my head

the one that tells me to go on ahead

I used to resist, with doubts unveiled

‘til the voice turned to scream and wailed

lately I can hear it loud and clear

and yet I am still paralyzed by fear

where to go when you are cornered?

by shadows of the past that hovered

I want to free myself from inhibitions

to follow my dreams and lofty ambitions

the only way towards them is forward

yet another voice summons me backward.

* * *



I carry a universe in my body

I carry a universe in my body…
The waves of my hair remind me of the sea–
wild and untamed.
The color of my skin is the color of soil
And my legs and arms are branches
yielding fruits of labor
from where I’ve been
to the lives I’ve hopefully touched.

I carry a universe in my body…
hidden beneath insecurities
and suppressed by lies of the world
saying “your hair should be straight
to be beautiful,
your skin should be white
and your arms and legs should be
a certain length”

But no! I carry a universe in my body!
My hair can be wavy and still be beautiful
My skin brown and just as praiseworthy
as the white-skinned
and my arms and legs maybe short
but they’re just as gorgeous!

I carry a universe in my body
I’ll go on again and again
to remind myself that,
just as I am, I am lovely!


Wolf senses

the lone wolf in the pack froze
in the chilling year-round winter

keen is his skin to smell the thorns
dodging scratches, shield worn;
yet swords of tongues lash deep,
touching his holy ground of conceit

you can hear his eyes speak tears,
though dry they were and uncried
and the ears are pricked and alert
for the next sound to watch closely

his nose tastes the warnings bitter
for city guards, paving bloody roads

The seven deadly sins

when i look at her and hoped it was me you loved…

when i channelled my pain to food…

when i imagined you and me together…

when i was in denial of falling for you…

but the truth is, i want you all for myself…

when i wasted lots of hours thinking of you…

when i wanted you to feel my pain…

I’m going to hell for all of the above.