The Broken Man

In departed days there wanders
A man with philosophy
That life and truth, to us caters
Wealth–abundant as the sea

Riches far more precious than gold
Brought men overwhelming awe
This gem amidst, so they were told
Was the rock that Peter saw

Wrought in misery, this wise man–
The man that held the baggage
Of truth ’twas proclaimed yet anon
The herald was the message

But men whose eyes were blinded shut
With the walls of unbelief
Their lives dulled to importunity begot
Impaled with dire mournful grief

These foolish men ended such man
His mortal life was taken
So there wept righteous souls of some
For a sage prize they’ve broken

But when the just came to his tomb
Found only cloth and linen
Not knowing their beloved–
The broken man had risen!

* * *


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